May 16, 2009

Too Late to Buy Sunglasses?

I already have a pair, I have been using it for years but now I want to buy another one.

So I looked for my Belle De Jour Organizer where I have some discount coupons to use when my younger sister told me that it is too late to buy one.

I know it is now May, and here in the Philippines, it also marks almost the end of summer. My sister told me that I will not make use of it that much because it will be rainy season soon.

But I beg to disagree. In my opinion, sunglasses should always be part of my daily wear as I would use it whenever I go out in the office in the morning (after the shift). I have read a lot of online articles as well that sunglasses can prevent my eyes from the long-term affects of sun damage. Of course, I won't appreciate it that much today because I do not see the effects yet, but I don't want to take risks.

Anyway, to make this long story short, I will just buy a pair next week even if my sister would tease me after that. Maybe I'll just buy her a pair instead. What do you think?