January 9, 2011

Still Have The Fiesta Ham

How many boxes of ham did your family consume last Christmas?

For us, we have two. I am thinking of using only one since we are to give the other one to one of my relatives who happened to cancel their trip going to our house last Christmas. Whew!

So that was it. Now I still have the remaining box of our Purefoods Fiesta Ham which I am planning to heat tomorrow for breakfast and early lunch.

Have you had such similar experience before?

September 11, 2010

Site that Blends News and Prophecies

If you are up to cook some food for the soul, I would encourage you to go online and check out The Rapture of the Church, a website that blends out current events and link their ties on the bible.

In this site, you will come across neatly organized news articles on science discoveries, politics, new technologies and other events around the world. So if you want to browse an informative site that brings religion and news together, make sure to visit this site after reading this post.