February 23, 2009

Why Every OFW Needs to Know How to Chat

If you're here in the Philippines you will get to know a lot of families who had a parent or both parents working as an OFW.

With that you will also get to expose yourself that an incomplete family setup is just ordinary. Seeing your parents every two, three or five years is just the usual setup for families who depend on the earnings of their OFW parents for a living.

But with some families who have older folks, it is usually their eldest son or daughter who shoulders the responsibility of working outside of the country to provide for their needs.

I know better because I've been a chefs daughter for over 28 years. Before, I usually see my mom writing endless letters to my dad and waiting for days, even weeks for his reply. In the course of my parents exchanging letters, I was able to save some stamps which made me possible to have my mini stamp collection.

With all the online messaging services going on, I now see how my parents are very excited to see each other on yahoo messenger everyday.

But before that happens, my mom tried her best to learn the basics of using the computer. I usually write the step by step instructions in Tagalog so she can best understand what to do. Now, my mom can log on to the computer, use the Yahoo Messenger service for the video and Skype to talk to my dad.

I really saw how they were able to sustain their relationship because of the chat and endless calls online. So if you are a part of an OFW family or you're the one who is working away from your family, I would advise you to start learning how to chat and use these other helpful online messaging service to keep you connected. This will also avoid the 'homesick' feeling that OFWs feel out of missing their families back home.

February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Chef Dad!

While I'm writing this post I know that my dad got a hold of the extreme magic sing that my mom sent him for his birthday. I bet he'll use it as soon as he has the 'free' time to belt out his favorite songs. I just hope that the neighbors won't mind hehe.

Anyway, I wrote this post as well to greet my dad a Happy 54th Birthday! When I arrived home this morning, I saw my mom chatting with my dad and his friend. All these while my mom is using her other hand to hold the phone as she was chatting with Tita Lyn, her friend. Now my mom knows how to multi-task online. I wonder if she also would like to be in a call center. :)

So there, I just greeted my Dad and I excused myself because I really have to rest my tired eyes. Being awake for almost 25 hours is no joke.

So to my Dad, I hope you'll have a great day. We miss you! :)

February 9, 2009

The Chef Wants Extreme Magic Sing

We all love to sing. It is a generalization. Even if you do not sing with the complete and accurate lyrics, we are still 'moved' especially when we hear a melody that brings back memories.

And my dad is no exception. In fact, the Chef asked for an Extreme Magic Sing for his birthday present.

And why not? He would always sing his heart out whenever he's here on vacation. I grew up listening to his rendition of his favorite songs.

And before I knew it, I was humming those old songs as well, trying to be his singing duet :)

Speaking of magic sing, we have an old unit here, complete with chips (storage device for the songs). But since my dad wanted the newest model, my Mom will be more than happy to buy him one. :)