February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Chef Dad!

While I'm writing this post I know that my dad got a hold of the extreme magic sing that my mom sent him for his birthday. I bet he'll use it as soon as he has the 'free' time to belt out his favorite songs. I just hope that the neighbors won't mind hehe.

Anyway, I wrote this post as well to greet my dad a Happy 54th Birthday! When I arrived home this morning, I saw my mom chatting with my dad and his friend. All these while my mom is using her other hand to hold the phone as she was chatting with Tita Lyn, her friend. Now my mom knows how to multi-task online. I wonder if she also would like to be in a call center. :)

So there, I just greeted my Dad and I excused myself because I really have to rest my tired eyes. Being awake for almost 25 hours is no joke.

So to my Dad, I hope you'll have a great day. We miss you! :)