May 7, 2009

Blog's Spring Cleaning

After a few months, I checked this blog again and I decided to implement some changes.

For one, I had a hard time before looking for some templates to use that will fit this blog's niche about family matters. So what I am planning now is to continue and look for a nicer template that will satisfy my aesthetic requirement for this blog.

I wanted something clean, eyecatching and professional. I also wanted a template that has built in ads spaces so it can also help us get to some more.

So that's for the template. Aside from that, I have one more major concern to do ASAP.

That deals more about my blog's categories. I wanted to keep few categories and move the rest to the new ones. This I have to do right away even before I get to change my template and write some more posts for this blog.

And the last of my concerns is to think of some more content for this blog. When I started this blog, I initially want this to mirror my thoughts about my family and our relationships with our relatives. But now, I want to expand this to include some more issues about family in general. I will also have to think of a meme that will fit the theme of this blog, something that I can share to the rest of bloggers who share the same niche.

Well, I hope to accomplish all of these things just in time before my 29th birthday. :) I'll post the developments of my spring cleaning activity in the next few days, just to make sure that I will have an online accountability.

How about you? What was the last time you did 'spring clean' your blog?