May 5, 2009

Any Plans for Mothers Day?

Have you had something in place for Mother's day?

When I was young, I remembered giving my Mom a card with my own masterpiece (yeah, I'm good in drawing 'stick men'). I would sometimes cut out some colored papers and stick it on the card for an added touch.

As I grow older, I learned to give my mom a variety treat. I would give her gifts like perfumes, clothes, some household items, even flower pots (because she likes gardening as well). I'm glad that she liked it, especially because the money that I used to pay for it came from my own pocket and not from my parent's allowance anymore.

I would've given her some more expensive treats, but knowing my mom, she would love to just keep the money instead of taking advantage of some short-lived luxuries. That's one unique thing about her that I would love to do as soon as I become a Mom myself.

So now, I am thinking of what to give her for Mother's day. Can you suggest some good treats that I can give to her?