May 7, 2009

Error in Uploading Pics in Flickr

My Dad requested that I upload the latest pictures on my Flickr account so he can check the development of the house renovation. Well since he is the one who's giving the budget for it, I wanted him to see how the once abandoned house became as beautiful as it is now.

But the thing is that I have been uploading our update house renovation pics in Flickr since yesterday but I cannot seem to post these pictures. I also tried to do this using my Eeepc but I can't seem to upload it still.

Anytime now, my Dad will be online again and will call my Mom via Skype to ask for these pics. I'll try to upload these again after their chat, but if it won't work for me (for the nth time) then I might have to find Flickr's support link to raise my concern.