May 19, 2009

Entrecard Issues

Have you had this concern when you drop your cards?

I tried to close around 300 drops today, but I only made almost 245 drops because the entrecard pages are loading too slow. I guess, it goes with the blogs with a lot of unnecessary widgets, maybe it is with my dsl connection, or maybe because of the Entrecard tool. Whew!

All I know is that now, I am starting to be more careful in my dropping habits. Of course I'm doing my best to return your love drops, because that's the essence of joining Entrecard network right? But I am now starting to be picky with the blogs that I visit and place drops on after returning your visits.

I am also starting to cancel all the paid Entrecard ads. I just checked a lot of blogs that are also starting to do the same. I want to help Entrecard to generate money because I believe it will cost a lot for them to maintain the server that they're using. But I also believe that they should make up their minds. Will they continue to offer paid ads or just use the old way of placing EC ads on blogs?

What's your take on it?