May 5, 2009

Living Far from Home

I just uploaded some pictures of the house that my parents bought for renovation. You can check it out on my callcentergal flicker account.

At first, I do not really have that much idea as to what they will use the house for. In the first place, we are already paying the equity of the house that we are suppose to occupy after our wedding in December.

But things changed after realizing how far it is to live in Binangonan if we are going to work in Makati. I estimated the travel time as well as the budget for transportation, I just found out that I need a huge budget for transpo if we will commute as well as a bigger amount to pay for the gas should we have our own car by then.

Well aside from the travel time, I also noticed on our 'test travels' that I easily get tired after reaching the 'place'. I am anticipating that if that's the case then we won't spend as much quality time doing things at home if we're both tired coming from work.

In short, I just asked my Dad if he will allow us to stay in that house after the wedding (the property is under my name anyway) and what we will do is just to pay them a monthly amount until we get to own the property.

As for the other house, we will just have it rented so it can help us pay for the monthly amortization.

How about you? How far is your pad from your parent's house? Did it make you miss your family more? :)


Genejosh said...

Anyway I won second prize of Pinay Jade's Contest. Could I have the 1000K you sponsored? Thanks...

Femmepower said...

my hubby and i are planning to get a property somewhere in rizal too.maybe in montalban if we can't find anything in hubby works in i'm having second thoughts.hmmm.