May 10, 2009

Mom's Moments with Me

I already greeted my Mom this morning but today, I want to make this short post about my Mom and why I am grateful for her love.

When I was a little girl, I came to know my Mom as a disciplinarian. She would always remind me to act appropriately, give courtesy to others and just be a good girl all the time. At that time, it seemed that she single-handedly did everything for me, as my chef dad is always away for overseas work.

I even remembered how she would ask me to sing and talk to my Dad as she held the radio close to me to record my voice. So whenever we had those recording sessions, I would have to stop playing and do it. Only when we're through that I will be allowed to play with the other kids again. :)

When it comes to budgeting, she has her own way to do it. She would prefer to allocate just good enough budget for food to keep us healthy, but she would always tell us not to leave food on the plate (literally). She would always remind us to only eat what we can consume and not to waste food because it can also mean wasting my Dad's time and effort in his work. And that is something that I am doing until now, something that I can pass on to my kids as soon as I have one. Aside from that she would always impose for us to take care of our things so we don't need to buy one, talk about being frugal. :)

We had our misunderstandings over things especially as I grow older, but that's normal. I will tell you more of my Mom in my next few posts, but for now, I would like to share with you how thankful I am that I have my Mom with me. :)

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms, bloggers or not. :)


betchai said...

Hi Nhil, please disregard about my comment in your other blog about not being able to comment here, now it works perfectly.

Like your mom, my late mom also taught us how to be frugal and to budget money so wisely, and how to save for the rainy days. and of course, a lot more other values to keep for life :)