May 8, 2009

Cleaning Blog Categories

I still feel the natural high because of my simple and cute flower garden template.

Well the layout template work is not yet done because I still have to pepper this page with useful chunks of widgets and make it ready for some readers to visit. I'll continue with that blog work later.

Speaking of spring cleaning work on this blog, I also trimmed some categories here. This is better to keep my focus on the topics that I will have to write on this blog. Before, I noticed that I used blogger labels to act as tags ( since I was used to do that in Wordpress ) but now I just realized that labels do not work as tags but as categories. So I made some adjustments on my categories yesterday and this should look neat now.

I still have a lot of work to do on this blog. But I want to ask your experience on the same thing. How much work do you still need on your blog in terms of look and organization?

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Genejosh said...'s my 3rd visit I said. I won 5th place of pinayjade's contest (here: supposed to have 7000EC from all your blogs as one of the sponsors...Could I have it? Thank you very much....

Nhil said...

Hi Genejosh,

I already transferred the 7k worth of EC in your account. Thanks. :)