May 20, 2009

Another Blog in the Making

After careful consideration of my available funds for blogging, I am going to cook another blog. This is going to be a lot different from my previous blogs because this will be a more informative one rather than like this which acts as my online diary.

I still have to figure out my way to finalize everything. I already have the domain name reserved. I just need to figure out which hosting provider will I use this time. I don't want to experience the same hassle that I've experienced with the other hosting providers that I had on my other blogs. I already learned that part of blogging lesson the hard way but it made me more cautious now.

Aside from that, I will have to devote more time to work on that blog. But that doesn't mean that I will give less time to maintain my other blogs. :) Wish me luck! :)


Lhassa said...

Je te souhaite donc bonne chance pour la création de tous tes blogs !