March 8, 2009

Oh Strawberries!

I often just see strawberries in jams, ice creams and wines. Here in the Philippines we have the strawberry-flavored local wine and since I do not consume much alcoholic drinks anymore, I just want to taste the real fruit instead.

I remembered the time when my parents got themselves a free time before. They went to Baguio city and went to a strawberry farm. I envy their experience as they get to pick (harvest) strawberries from the farm. Hence, we got that fresh treat from them.

If you happen to have some strawberry inspired or flavored products please let me know. If you can share a picture or two, please do share it here in the comments section. You know what? I'm dreaming to have a line of strawberry inspired and or flavored products for sale aside from the conventional ones. I would love to buy a strawberry soap, strawberry essential oil, strawberry lotion and strawberry candies.

Image credit: and away


Auntie E said...

I really love strawberries. It has been a long time since one has tasted good-n-sweet. I remember being in Malaysia , Thailand and Singapore they were so sweet there. When I eat strawberries I like to dip them in Powder sugar or Melted Chocolate.