March 22, 2009

Looking for a Great Car Deal Online

We seldom talk online via Skype because I am very busy with my call center work.

That's why I am glad to talk to my dad right now via Skype. He wants me to see some of the car makes he wanted to buy as soon as he arrives.

He saw some ads of Honda Accord while my fiance and I are looking for Nissan Exalta STA. My dad showed me only a number of links because the rest are not updated anymore. Maybe those cars were already sold, anyway...

He just reminded me to get a driver's license because that was one of my overdue commitments to him. He just wanted to make sure that I can drive that car as soon as possible. Also, I guess part of the reason that I wanted to have another one is that I just cannot drive our Space Gear. I find it hard to drive the car because of the gear being located in a different place than where you would normally find it.