April 3, 2009

Bougainvillea Memories

Look at this wonderful picture. This reminds me of my younger days here in our house in Cainta. :) I remembered that my Mom will not allow me to play outside if I won't help her with some household chores.

One of my favorite chores to do at that time was to water the plants. I just love to play with the water coming out from the hose and you know what comes next, her voice telling me to stop playing with water as we have to save it as much as we can.

Okay, so I love to water the plants. I really do, if I love to give moisture to those greenies, my mom loves to plant those.

My Mom has a great liking for everything green, like plants and flowers. She would always set aside sometime everyday to maintain her garden and look after the plants.

Just like this bougainvillea in the picture. We have a lot of flowers like this in our garden. Do you know why I like this flower? Before, I thought that this was the flower thats recommended if you want to create bubbles, until I found out that it was Gumamela that I should use instead.

But before I found that out, I almost picked all the pink bougainvillea flowers that my mom caught me picking the last few petals. Hehe :)

Picture from: Thai Jasmine


Blogger Rise said...

beautiful flower...just like you friends :)