March 11, 2009

Joining Blog Contests

Have you joined any blog contests before?

A lot of bloggers say that if you want to earn some prizes online, you might as well join blog contests. One good thing about blog contests is that they offer interesting prizes.

Some bloggers offer cash and they prefer to transfer the amount won on the winners Paypal account. So if you don't have one, make sure to register for an account and verify it using your bank cards or Unionbank EON card.

Other prizes offer books, shirts, free domain for a year, even cereals in a box. See how interesting those prizes are?

But one popular prize for bloggers are the Entrecard credits. In the Entrecard community, you can use these credits to promote your blogs and increase traffic.

But here's the thing. Before you will have the chance to win those prizes, you must be willing to follow some instructions to enter their contest. You will have to either subscribe, leave a comment, copy all the sponsors links or fave their blogs in technorati among others. Easy right?

So if you want to experience how fun it is to join blog contests, find one and see if you can enter to qualify. You can also share your experience if you've already joined one. :)


Gem said...

I hesitated joining contests before, but now I'm really joining to great contests held by friends. Now I'm participating in sponsoring contests through my accumulated ECs.

One contest that I joined in was interesting - gives away wp themes and plugins. The consolation price was a premium wordpress plugin, but unfortunately, I could not use it because my blogs are more personal than those that needed paid subscriptions/membership.