March 15, 2009

Chef Daughter's Early Biking Memories

Do you know how to run a bike?

When I saw this picture it made me remember how I learned to run a bike. Unlike in this picture, I learned to run a bike on the streets near the apartment that my parents rented in Cainta.

My parents bought me a kiddie bike like this one. Since my dad is always out of the country to work, I am always left with my mom, who's also out most of the time then because she works then on a beauty parlor. Anyway, I have a cousin who eventually turned out to be my nanny. She would always be there, in a distance while watching me learn how to bike, oftentimes I remembered she would shout and immediately run to me, maybe she's afraid that I'll get bruises. You know how good nannies work right? They are just as protective as your parents.

How about you? Do you know how to run a bike? What are your early memories of it?

Photo credit: ido_cga


EddieGarcia said...

This post brings back a lot of memories. I'm not too sure if I remember riding my tri-cycle but those were the good old days. We just bought one for our grandson who will be 4 in July. We are looking forward to giving it to him and see how he fairs. We are concerned about those cuts and bruises too. Thanks!

Friends 4 Life!
Eddie Garcia

Nhil said...

Hi Eddie,

You must be a very cool grandpa! :) We're all concerned about the safety of those who are learning to bike,that's why it is important that cool people like you will always be there to guide him. :)

Have a great day!