August 30, 2010

Have You Checked Out The Gaggia Baby Class Espresso Machine To See If It's Right For You?

If you're a coffee drinker who love espresso, you're probably spending a lot of your money at specialty shops, coffee kiosks, and convenience stores stopping in for your favorite brew. If you are trying to economize, then doesn't it make sense for you to start making your own espresso at home with Gaggia Baby Class espresso machine? This machine is commercial-quality, but with its elegant stainless steel design it is the ultimate equipment for brewing espresso at home.
The Gaggia Baby coffee machine comes with a solenoid with three positions, a brew group made of brass, and a portafilter that is 58 mm in size. There is a 2 way heat system which makes sure you will have coffee house style espresso in the comforts of your own home in no time. And because is also has a turbo-frother and a Pannarello wand, you are not just limited to espresso, but you will be able to make all sorts of coffee house creations in your own kitchen. It has a 60-ounce reservoir (removable for easy filling), a 15-bar pump, and  a cup warmer.

Because the casing is made from stainless steal, it cleans up simply and will still be beautiful in the years to come. With an ultra high output of over 1,400 watts from the dual heating elements on the boiler, you will be able to produce all kinds of hot drinks in a short time. Another great feature of the Gaggia Baby Class Espresso Maker is that it comes with it's own coffee tamper, single and double shot filter baskets, a 7 gram coffee spoon and a pod basket. Another feature of this model is its ability to make 2 cups at once, so when friends or family are there you can all enjoy your espresso together.

All of the reviews concerning the Gaggia Baby Class espresso machine are over the top positive, with a lot of people stating their opinion that it's the finest in its class. The prices for this fabulous machine can range from $549-$599, so it's always a good plan to do some shopping around before you make your purchase to get the best deal. You won't find it at very many local retailers, so your best bet for price and selection is to go online. Many online retailers offer free shipping on items such as these and this is always a bonus! If you're ready to have your own top-of-the-line espresso machine, that's simple to use and care for, this model is the best choice you can make.