January 4, 2009

Landi the Dog

Let me tell you about our pet Landi (Flirt). She was called as such because she's such a flirt most of the time. She always wanted to smell the legs of all people who goes in our house. If we don't have visitors, she would always be around waiting for any customer who would buy in our store.

Some said they find Landi adorable. But I find her to flirt that some would want Landi to be theirs. Sometimes, she would bark endlessly even if there's no other dog around. My mom sometimes tie Landi to our tree in the backyard, but she would just bark louder :)

When she gave birth to her puppies, only one was left with her because we gave the rest to our relatives and or family friends.

Which is good because she now has a playful companion around.

Photo credit: Papa Ces (I asked him to take pictures of Landi days ago)


Lin said...

That is a very sweet little dog--no wonder everyone loves him!