January 2, 2009

Fish From Lingayen Pangasinan

In my last few posts, I told you about the starlet crabs we had for our Christmas dinner, today I'll show you their companion all the way here in our house.

I don't know the type of fish you're looking at but these were also cooked by my Mom a little later after she asked me to take a picture of these aqua friends. :)

These can be cooked in different ways, you can steam, fry, grill (with onions, tomatoes and chilis to stuff the body as stuffings) or just make a soup out of it.

In the end, Mom decided to put them on the grill. Goodbye fishy friends. :P


Papa Ces said...


I like your blog's theme. It's very clean and cool to the eyes.


Jena Isle said...

hmmmmmm, masarap iyan. (Those are delicious) Yummy, you could also cook it "pinagat" style (with tomatoes and lots of broth.

Healthy food too. Hope you'll have a successful year 2009. God bless.